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F2 Fantasia 3D "Jane & The Gremlin"

Welcome to our new series FANTASIA 3D. These are fantasy-action 3D cartoons made into short movies with voice over. Available to PLATINUM members only or pay per view. We are also working on a 3D video game where you can interact with the characters. Stay tuned!

F2 Fantasia 3D "Jane & The Gremlin" • After a long day in the office, Jane is taking a relaxing dip in the open air jacuzzi. She's tired and she's heading back indoors... all of a sudden a green Gremlin jumps the fence and attacks her. He wants to have his wicked way with her and it's not too long before Jane submits and enjoys it all...

F2 Fantasia 3D "Jane & The Gremlin":

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